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Saturday, March 3, 2012

No consensus on next year's IPL auction

MUMBAI: The nine franchises of the Indian Premier League (IPL) do not seem to be in sync over the rules that need to be framed for the auction process ahead of the fifth edition of the league in 2012.

While the franchises unanimously agree that all players from the sacked Kochi Tuskers franchise and those newly inducted should be included in the auction, there is no common consensus on the auction purse, tie-break rules and overall limit of the squad.
In a recently held meeting of all franchise CEOs, the minutes of which are available with TOI, there have been internal disagreements on the kind of money that should be allowed for spending; whether there should be a silent or open or unlimited bidding in case of a tie-break and should the number of foreign players in each team (currently 10 is the upper limit) be increased along with the number of foreign players allowed on field (four is the upper limit currently).

While the overwhelming majority view is that there should be no change, some franchises are open to the idea of including three additional slots for foreign players and an increase in the number of foreign players in the team.

One franchise CEO in particular wrote to the other team officials saying only those issues should be "represented (taken up with) to IPL where there is consensus".

Franchises have varied opinions on the value of the added purse - it ranges from $750,000 to $2m. However, the consensus view of most franchises remains at $1m.

Further, these franchises have absolutely no consensus on what rule should be implemented in case of a tie-break - some have suggested silent bidding, some open bidding and the others lots and unlimited bidding. Therefore, teams have left the entire decision to IPL, requesting only that "the spirit of the salary caps, while deciding upon the tie-breaker method, be kept in mind".

One area where all franchises are in unanimous agreement is the replacement of players. Replacement of player will result in franchise losing the agreed contract value of the new player from the purse.

Now, it is for the BCCI/IPL to reconfirm these provisions and ratify them. A governing council meeting is scheduled this weekend.

Cummins told to prioritise Tests over IPL

HOBART: Australian captain Michael Clarke and predecessor Steve Waugh on Thursday urged rising teenage pace star Pat Cummins to prioritise Test cricket over the lucrative Indian Premier League.

Cummins, 18, who is sidelined for at least six weeks with a bone stress heel injury, wants to play in the IPL, but there are concerns the youngster may overtax his body at a crucial stage of his physical development.

The youngster's manager Neil Maxwell has confirmed Cummins intends to nominate for the lucrative IPL auction ahead of next April's tournament.

But Clarke said he wants his Test players to "prioritise" representing their country ahead of the IPL and Champions League tournaments.

"The one thing I love about IPL is that every individual has the opportunity of making their own choice," Clarke told reporters ahead of Australia's second Test against New Zealand in Hobart.

"But I think the individual player needs to work out where his body is at and then make that decision at the time of going into the IPL.

"There's a lot of international cricket and I just don't want to see players not prioritising international cricket.

"Every player who plays for Australia, that is first and foremost and Test cricket being the pinnacle of that. Then if your body can handle you playing IPL or Champions League then that's up to the individual."

Amid a growing injury crisis in Australian cricket -- with Mitchell Johnson out for the entire summer season following foot surgery and opener Shane Watson troubled by calf and hamstring injuries -- Waugh cautioned Cummins to think again about joining the IPL.

"The priority has got to be playing for Australia, the baggy green (cap) is number one and everything else slots in underneath that," Waugh told The Australian newspaper.

"Obviously, there's money to be made from the IPL, but I think as a young guy with his potential and his star quality, he's going to make a lot of money out of the game of cricket.

"The IPL right now should be a fair way down on his radar.

"And if his body is a little bit susceptible to injury at the moment, his commitment has got to be playing for Australia first."

Cummins damaged his left heel during Australia's spectacular victory over South Africa in Johannesburg last month and has been unavailable for this month's two home Tests against New Zealand.

It was initially thought to be bruising but new scans have revealed a bone stress problem and Cummins is unlikely to bowl again until early to mid-January, Cricket Australia said on Wednesday.

As such he is likely to miss all four home Tests against India in a series that starts at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Boxing Day, with further matches in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide throughout January.

Friday, March 2, 2012

CLT20 in India?

Buoyed by the success of Champions League last year, the organizers are mulling staging the event again this year in India. "With three IPL teams taking part in the tournament, the CLT20 league was a success in India. The organizers would surely want to host it again in India," a source said.

Though interested, Cummins not certain for IPL 5

MELBOURNE: A day after former Australian captain Steve Waugh warned Pat Cummins against falling for the lure of IPL cash, the teen pace sensation on Thursday said he will pull out of Twenty20 league if he feels it could have a negative impact on his national team performances.

Cummins has been ruled out for most of Australia's four-Test series against India due to a heel injury that he picked up during his seven-wicket haul on debut against South Africa in Johannesburg last month.

The injury, however, has not deterred the fast bowler from giving his name for the IPL auction next season. But Cummins said it is too premature to take a call on his participation in the cash-rich league.

"I've been talking to some of the other guys. It's a worthwhile opportunity going over there," Cummins said about his discussions with Australian teammates regarding the IPL.

"But to get in there you have to nominate right now. You can always pull out later. I think it would be great to play, but we'll look at it again closer to the date. If it's going to affect any other cricket over here...I definitely don't want it to be affected," he was quoted as saying by the Australian media.

If Cummins decides to play in the IPL, he will at least miss the first half of the tournament as it clashes with Australia's tour of the West Indies.

The IPL begins in Chennai on April 4 and ends on May 27, while Australia's tour of the West Indies stats from March 16 till April 27.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

IPL mulls 10 teams in 2014

NEW DELHI: With the 10th team's slot in Indian Premier League (IPL) falling vacant after Kochi Tuskers were shown the door, the league officials are now looking at filling that slot in 2014. In the recently held meeting of the team owners with IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla, the proposal to include another team in the IPL, put forward by league officials, was discussed at length. 

This year and the next year's editions will consist of nine teams playing 76 matches in all. In 2014, if the 10th team comes into existence, BCCI may fall back on the old format of IPL 4. BCCI is looking at two groups comprising of five teams each with 74 matches being played, each team playing 14 league games. 

This year's IPL will return to its inaugural format, which saw teams playing each other on home and away basis. The only difference is that instead of 14 league matches, every team will get eight matches at home. This could result in substantial increase in their share of central revenue. 

Sources indicated that every team is at least guaranteed Rs 50 crore from the central revenue. "This is good news for all the teams. But we are not sure how it will benefit us if 10th team becomes part of IPL in 2014," a team official said. 

Clarke wants teammates to prioritise country over IPL

SYDNEY: Australian captain Michael Clarke wants his fellow players to prioritise national duty over playing in the lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL) if their fitness for international cricket is not to be compromised.

Clarke has preferred playing for Australia by never featuring in the IPL since its inception in 2008. Though he doesn't want his teammates to follow his example, Clarke says a player's focus must be on the country.

"The one thing I love about IPL is that every individual has the opportunity to make their own choice," Clarke was quoted as saying by Herald Sun. "But I think the individual player needs to work out where his body is and make that decision at the time of going into the IPL."

"There is a lot of international cricket. I just don't want to see players' not prioritising international cricket. That is my goal, that every player who plays for Australia, that (role) is first and foremost, and Test cricket being the pinnacle of that," said Clarke following reports of young fast bowler Patrick Cummins and his senior mate Mitchell Johnson showing interest in IPL 2012.

Cummins is recovering from a foot injury and is doubtful for the series against India in two weeks' time. While Senior players in Shane Watson, Shaun Marsh, Ryan Harris, Doug Bollinger and Johnson are running against the clock to be fit for the highly anticipated contest starting with the first Test in Melbourne Dec 26.

Clarke says he is ready to offer advice to the players, including Cummins, on the country versus club issue.

"I don't know if it's my place. As Cricket Australia has said for a long time, it is really out of their control. It's up to the individual player. If Patty (Cummins) wants to come and speak to me, I'll be more than happy to give him my views on it."

"If your body can handle playing IPL and Champions League, that is up to the individual. I think that is great."